Weapon Modern Warfare 3

Weapons from the game Modern Warfare 3, including detailed information and loadouts.

SVA 545

Loadouts 6 Skins 13


Loadouts 5 Skins 11


Loadouts 6 Skins 14

FR 5.56

Loadouts 2 Skins 5


Loadouts 4 Skins 8

Holger 556

Loadouts 5 Skins 13


Loadouts 6 Skins 6


Loadouts 5 Skins 2


Loadouts 2 Skins 3

Modern Warfare 3, developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision, introduced players to weaponry that has become an integral part of the battle's history. On this page, you will find a review of the weapons from Modern Warfare 3, categorized to help you better understand and choose the best option for your gaming style. Here, you will also find optimal weapon loadouts designed for various modes and tactics.

Exploring the arsenal of Modern Warfare 3 allows you to dive deeper into the world of strategy and tactics, selecting weapons that align with your combat objectives in the game.